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Adiós IBM

Hasta el día 31 de Oct de 2016 fui parte de un proyecto en IBM. Los 3 años y medio que pasé en el proyecto fueron de mucho aprendizaje, buenas experiencias, amistades y retos. Por […] Read More

Bluemix + IoTF + Node-RED + RaspberryPi + My experience about all this

I started a project about 3 moths ago and it was a whole journey figuring it out how to use and implement the hardware and software requirements for it and although it took a time […] Read More

Turning on a LED light on a Raspberrry Pi from Bluemix

My last post was about how to start with a Raspberry PI and all that was because I’ll explain you now how to turn on a LED light on a Raspberry Pi from Bluemix. Check […] Read More