Installing Python-pip in Centos 7

After trying to install python pip with yum and without success:

I went ahead with below option::

After downloading the package (, I ran it. Be sure to run it as root cause […] Read More

Keyboard not working on Gnome after yum update in Centos 7

After updating my Centos 7 with yum update my keyboard stopped working on GNOME, so I was unable to login to my laptop. I went through a whole process to make it works again: 1) […] Read More

Khalida Brohi: How I work to protect women from honor killings

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Issues with ‘yum update’ on Centos 7

Linux updates sometimes can be a hell, specially when you are in the process of learning and mastering Linux. I was trying to perform the regular update to my laptop with the glorious “yum update” […] Read More

Sadness as a creative tool

Sometimes I hear music that move my feelings and make me cry, Why? Cause I’m a girl? might be… but I think differently, I know It’s just a simple song (maybe), sometimes I don’t even […] Read More

How to add an url to text wordpress widget

Hello, I was trying to add a Text widget with some url’s to my Friend’s blogs but I was not sure how to, I’m not very versed at html but this is how it worked: […] Read More


I found you there, standing at that place, waiting just like me, starting just like me. I’m not shy but I don’t mind shyness and it’s something that hit me from you. Why you were […] Read More

“JDK Required: ‘tools.jar’ seems to be not in Studio classpath” error while installing Android Studio on Centos 7

I was trying to install Android Studio and I got this error:

But I had installed JDK:

I fixed the issue by installing java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel:

I tried again the installation process for android […] Read More

A girl who demanded school

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Why is important to study a career or develop a skill?

I used to be discourage of pursuing higher education (university) and taught that having or not having a career was not a determining factor of success nor failure. Why? Because I used to be told […] Read More