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Bluemix + IoTF + Node-RED + RaspberryPi + My experience about all this

I started a project about 3 moths ago and it was a whole journey figuring it out how to use and implement the hardware and software requirements for it and although it took a time to build this up I finally got to do it and this is my experience, comments, learning and impressions about …

IoT, Raspberry Pi, Technical Stuff

Turning on a LED light on a Raspberrry Pi from Bluemix

My last post was about how to start with a Raspberry PI and all that was because I’ll explain you now how to turn on a LED light on a Raspberry Pi from Bluemix. Check my last post in here: How to start with a Raspberry Pi? (In Spanish) So, Where to start? Wiring everything …

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¿Cómo comenzar con una Raspberry Pi?

Primero que nada debemos bajar el sistema operativo que nuestra Pi usará, en mi caso usé RASPBIAN y lo bajé desde esta liga: Raspbian Download Después de bajar el OS, tendremos que instalarlo. La Raspberry Pi trae consigo una memoria SD de 16G donde tendremos que instalar el OS, para instalar Raspbian sigue las siguientes …