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¿Qué pasó en Septiembre?

Ha estado muy sólo por aquí y me di cuenta que en Septiembre no posteé nada, que pasó? Pues daré un update de que ha sucedido por acá en este par de meses… Me enfrasqué […] Read More

¿La religión fomenta la violencia hacia las mujeres?

Tristemente uno de los principales catalizadores de la violencia hacia las mujeres viene de las religiones, ¿Porqué? En la mayoría de las religiones (tal vez todas) las mujeres no son consideradas dignas de enseñar ni […] Read More

Sadness as a creative tool

Sometimes I hear music that move my feelings and make me cry, Why? Cause I’m a girl? might be… but I think differently, I know It’s just a simple song (maybe), sometimes I don’t even […] Read More


I found you there, standing at that place, waiting just like me, starting just like me. I’m not shy but I don’t mind shyness and it’s something that hit me from you. Why you were […] Read More

Why is important to study a career or develop a skill?

I used to be discourage of pursuing higher education (university) and taught that having or not having a career was not a determining factor of success nor failure. Why? Because I used to be told […] Read More

The girl I did not wanted to be

I grew up on a religious Family where as a women there is a common path to follow: be a good girl, good daughter, be virgin till you marriage, be a good sister “spiritually talking”, […] Read More

The advantages of living alone

I’ve been living alone for a month by now and it’s been at first overwhelming because it was the first time that I was taking the step to live completely alone, no family, no roommates. […] Read More

Why Metzonalli.net?

First of all, the meaning of Metzonalli is “Moonshadow”, “Luz de luna”, “Clair de Lune” but is it written on an Indian language of México called Nahuatl. I’ve been using this nickname for a long […] Read More