About me

My name is Jokebed, which by the way means “God is glory”, it is an Hebrew name though I’m not Jewish, I’m actually Mexican, anyway, I like my name, it’s kind of cool.
I was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México which makes me a “Costeña” which literally means “Coast people” and the fact that I love “Ceviche”.
I studied Electronics engineering, even when as a child I used to dreamed about living in Africa and working with savage animals, you know, like when you watch the Discovery Channel and you want to be with the Lions, every child dreams about it right?… but I turned out to be an Electronics engineer and right now I’m working as a System Administrator, funny right?
I was raised as a very religious person, you can now figure it out why my name, don’t worry, it’s not my only name, but I do like it. I’m not a religious person anymore, but that’s a whole story, I might even tell you a little bit of that in here.
I have been leaving on Zapopan, Jalisco for almost 3 years now and I started to live completely alone for almost 20 days, I was previously living with roommates.
So, I’m a Mexican girl of 27 years old, that likes reading, singing, dancing, eating and so much more that is starting a journey on this web site, so welcome!


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