Sadness as a creative tool

Sometimes I hear music that move my feelings and make me cry, Why? Cause I’m a girl? might be… but I think differently, I know It’s just a simple song (maybe), sometimes I don’t even recognize the lyrics but something on music moves me. Some people have the skill of transmit powerful feelings through lyrics or even only¬† through music, Where do they get that?
I recently saw a movie of Disney/Pixar called “Inside out” where sadness was the emotion that saved the moment, Why sadness? Because sometimes we have to recognize we can’t be always joy and happiness and that our moments of sadness can make us recognize our deepest weaknesses and our vulnerabilities and that it can wake up powerful feelings.
Every emotion comes from experiences and sadness comes mostly from bad experiences, but how can we turn out a bad experience and sadness into something good and powerful? by embracing it, recognizing it and translating it into words, paints, poems, books, etc…
Getting back to the musicians, there is a singer that I like because from her songs I experiment feelings, I made a research about her and I found out that she lost her beloved partner and that she experienced depression, alcohol and even thought about suicide but she moved on and from those really bad experiences she evolved into music and created songs with messages about her own feelings.
Almost all the time sadness is hidden from the surface because no one want to seem sad to others, it’s not something promoted right? there is expected from all to be happy all the time but at the end of the day even sadness can be a powerful creative tool, of course this is not about being sad all the time, this is about recognize our vulnerable moments cause there is nothing wrong about it, we might get something useful from it, at least healing ourselves.

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