I found you there, standing at that place, waiting just like me, starting just like me. I’m not shy but I don’t mind shyness and it’s something that hit me from you. Why you were always mysterious? I needed to found out!
You were always silent and introspective, I was always flying around till I fall over you, your silent mouth got me, I couldn’t stand anymore my curiosity from that mystery and god! those amazing eyes. I needed to be around you, I needed to fly around your mind and lips. I spoke up, I got your attention, the hardest part was kipping it over me cause you were not easy, this was not about capturing your eyes, this was about capturing your mind, smart minds are always a challenge, but it’s was worth it and I went for it.
I had my feelings broken, I did not wanted to try again, I just wanted to escape from my memory, besides,¬† I wasn’t sure about your feelings, I used to talk to you but sometimes it felt like I was bothering at you… but… and this was a good but, …but you were different, you had something, you didn’t talk so much but you transmitted me something, a little hidden spark that somehow I saw.
We started our chemical without even know something was happening, it did not take so long for us to start spending more time together, because no one can be all shyness and all sparkle, balance is what both of us were getting by standing together.
I noticed your sweaty hands, your looks at me, your joke about oral sex OMG, and you trying to smell me, I got it, they weren’t signals, they were a clear message and thanks for that.
I made my own move even when I was scare, past was on me, and it’s not easy to keep moving when you are carrying on a heavy weight. You got the message and we enter to our attempt to create to us a paradise. We have discover till this day how powerful can be choose wisely, you have helped me to get rid of that heavy weight that was slowing me down, you have showed me what truly love is.
I’m fascinated that by not giving up I discovered the most amazing feeling you can have with someone else. I dedicate this post to ‘you’ the one that made me forget fears and reminded me that I’m braveness, intelligence¬† and love.

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