Why is important to study a career or develop a skill?

I used to be discourage of pursuing higher education (university) and taught that having or not having a career was not a determining factor of success nor failure. Why? Because I used to be told that having a career does not means you will ended up having a good job or even a job and that not having a career does not limit your potential and doesn’t mean you won’t be able to create something by your own and be successful for that. And ok, there is something true on that, still… at the end of the day, I ended up studying a career, why?


  1. Studying a career, whether you practice it or not, It’s Education!
    No matter if you ended up practicing your career or not, you learned something by studying it and you can use it on the future, you might ended up using skills you learned there and you didn’t even realize you get them.
  2. You provide yourself with more opportunities.
    Having a career allows you to apply for more opportunities even if they are not exactly what you studied, because the fact that you went through of 4 years of career is something that has a value by itself.
  3. You test your potential.
    Going to a career could be easy for some, harder for others, but all of them have something in common, they have all tested their abilities and they all have develop skills, some might have developed skills different that others because the experience it’s different to all. So even if at the end of the day it was hard for me, I tested myself and I’m sure I developed skills that will be useful for future.
  4. You can get more salary.
    Just the fact that you can prove you are a study person will grant you with the right to ask for better salary because you can prove you have the persistence and effort that every career demands and that will be also required in a job.
  5. As a women you provide your self with tools.
    For me this is the most important factor, because some women might not ended up studying but only pursuing taking care of their homes and child (which is very dignified work) while their husbands are the providers, but, not every story tale has a good end, so, depending on a husband and not studying a career or develop a skill could be dangerous because your whole life is depending on someone else and you are not giving you tools in case you need them. So, that’s why studying is really important in order to have tools to fight in case we need them. It’s nothing wrong in wanted to stay at home and taking care of child but circumstances can change in a bit and we all have to be prepared for that, specially if we have kids, so, my advice, study, study a career or develop a skill, pursue what you like and try to be the best at it!

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