The girl I did not wanted to be

I grew up on a religious Family where as a women there is a common path to follow: be a good girl, good daughter, be virgin till you marriage, be a good sister “spiritually talking”, drop studies and better preach, preach and preach the word and finally get married and have children or stay single and keep growing your spirituality.
Of course it has not to be exactly that path but at least a 95% of my friends ended up that way or near of it.
It’s nothing wrong about being that girl but it’s wrong when it’s the only image is being promoted in your head because you might actually ended up that way without knowing what else is out there.
I did not wanted to be that girl that’s why first, I studied, I wanted to study a career because I wanted to be an independent girl, so I studied Electronics Engineer.
Second, I started working, I worked as an Electrician, I was the only girl of the Electrical department and the team was about 15 guys and me. So I enrolled my self on a very unusual kind of work for women, it made me to have a open mind and don’t be scared of challenges even with my former religious education.
Third, when the opportunity came to me, I moved out from home. I apply to a job out of town and I got it. I applied for the job just one week before moving, it was really fast but I could not let it go, I had to take it, it was my opportunity even when the pay was not good, I knew I was going to have hard days because of it, I knew I was going to deal with few money by paying rent, food, transport and everything you deal with when you don’t live with your parents anymore, but I also knew it was the beginning to grow in all senses.
Four, I got knowledge, I met people, I got a better job that allowed me to live without worrying for money.
Five, I quit religion, not because it’s wrong to have a religion, but because it did not worked for me and it’s fair to say that not because your parents love religion and are religious people it means you have to love religion and be a religious person, it only means you have to choose but not before of knowing your options.
Nowadays I’m the independent girl I wanted to be, I have a great job that I love and where I met my boyfriend, I live alone on my own apartment, I’m 27 years old and I’m still single. I like who I am today and I don’t regret of not being exactly the girl it was planned for me to be. Because at the end of the day you will live with yourself so you better like who you are!

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