The advantages of living alone

I’ve been living alone for a month by now and it’s been at first overwhelming because it was the first time that I was taking the step to live completely alone, no family, no roommates. And it was not overwhelming because I was afraid of being alone but because I had no idea what it meant. For example the moving was very tired and looking around for the first time, looking at boxes and all the stuff you have to relocate, besides the fact that because I’m starting to be living alone I had nothing of furniture to decorate the apartment and finally that I now realised what it means to be completely alone, no one around you, it’s kind of weird the first time and overwhelming, I had a headache for almost a week.
So, What are the advantages after all these firsts impressions?
Well, first of all , you have all the space you need for you and only you, you also set the rules or no rules at all, nice right?
Second, I consider myself self-sufficient but with all this moving around I’ve been more self-sufficient that ever because I’m actually fixing things at home, the one I left and the new one. I installed my own curtains, I had to buy my own drill and everything. So, living alone make you do everything by your own and figured it out things that you have never tried before.
And third and the most important, you have time forĀ  yourself, you think at yourself , you are for yourself, you only concern and worry about yourself when you are at home, this make you more creative and conscious about yourself, I actually started this website now that I live alone.
Of course I’m still working things on and of course living alone implies a higher economic impact but to be honest it’s worth it, and I’m just starting so let’s see the future.

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