Why Metzonalli.net?

First of all, the meaning of Metzonalli is “Moonshadow”, “Luz de luna”, “Clair de Lune” but is it written on an Indian language of México called Nahuatl. I’ve been using this nickname for a long time, I just like it.
And why this web site? This is actually a personal project and a hobby, I believe that words and lecture can influence people, I was touched once by reading a blog of a Friend, so, this web site might do the same on others. I like to watch TED talks and by doing that I’ve been learning and getting knowledge about different topics or just life, and this by listening to people from other countries, backgrounds, professions and likes and with different circumstances and experiences. So, maybe by reading this web site you could get the same I’ve been getting from others.
I’m not an English native speaker so be easy on me, of course, every feedback is welcome.
And about what to post? I will just let my mind fly…


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